Sunday back home

Milo is shooting photos all the time. He’s got entire cabinets full of photos, cameras and lucid thoughts. His approach is firm and sincere, that can’t fault his logic.

Sunday back home is the piece of evidence.

“I started taking pictures for this project in 2010, when I left the house where I lived with my family during the years of my childhood and adolescence. I came back to my old house every Sunday, and almost every Sunday I took pictures and rummaged among old family albums.
I was often told that Sunday, back home is a very personal project, and therefore unlikely to be shared.
It’s true. But I believe that photography can transcend these formal limits and could be able to connect, even if for a brief moment only, personal stories and different sensibilities.
I wish someone will join me for an instant of insight or just sheer wonder.”


Tecnical details:
Paper: Fedrigoni Tatami 170 gr/m
Cover: hardcover with stamp, handmade
Dimension: 18,5 x 240 mm
Printing: digital
Quantity: one prototype
Bookbinding: double spiral
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