Dash cubed

This is my first book. Or, at least, the first one deserving to be called this way.

This volume collects 72 pages suited to testify the awareness reached toward reality, his mystification and mistake.

Why a book
The book seemed to me the most suitable means to the type of narration I wanted to offer, made of long pauses, silences, rethinks, misunderstood things, pages turned in backward and then fast forward. A photographic self-produced artbook.
An artbook because two artists, extremely skilled in their respective crafts, collaborated on it: a flawless bookbinder – Massimo Padoan – and the painter Andrea Silicati for the etching print of the cover.
A self-produced book because I didn’t want to stoop to compromises with a publisher or anyone else for a personal work of these dimensions (there were compromises, anyway, but with no excessive meddling) and because I wanted to invest in quality materials and produce something precious in limited edition (25 copies).

Why the Polaroid
In an age when digital technology distorts, boosts, modifies and remodels the truth, ( as this is what photography is proud to be able of) is it possible to recognize and hang on to reality? This question led to other actually unanswered questions. The subjective context and the objective one of the viewer, human and camera mistakes, the unpredictability, the artistic value of the shot personally experienced without any emotional detachment, the struggle between photography and painting and who knows what else crossed my mind.
However, the 10-15 times blow-ups you will find in the book, actually have the aim of raising questions, using as a weapon something older and more powerful than Photoshop.

Why three dashes
They are three because this number recurs in the chapters, in the people collaborating to the making of the book and in those who joined the exposition. But especially because the Polaroid formats used and selected for the inside are three and one different from one another, as the dashes exactly are.
Try to turn an old instant photo over in your hands and then you will get it.

Technical details:
Paper: Gmund Treasury Porcelain 120 gr/m
Cover: Fabriano Rosaspina 260 gr/m
Printing Tecnique: Digital / Cover: blank calcography done by Andrea Silicati
Quantity: 25 copies
Bookbinding: Classic – white wire / Massimo Padoan – Gulliver Art Studio
Featured on Self Publish Be Happy!!

  • Art direction: me