Agretti Project is a movement that cares about the degradation of public spaces in Jesi. The name was chosen because our project is to transform what is “gretto”, that is dull, ugly and dirty in “A-gretto”, the exact opposite!
The logotype was developed starting from the stencil concept – typical of different Guerrilla movements and used to spread messages quickly – keeping the soft shapes of calligraphic lettering, so dear to green movements. Colors were chosen to have as much contrast and visibility as possible, when applied in an urban context, but with natural colors.

Guerrilla Gardening
Guerrilla Gardening is a non-authorized act of gardening made on (mostly) public soils and abandoned pots and, more in general, on all those “residual” green spaces you can find in a city (roundabouts, traffic islands, tree pits…in short, everywhere something can grow).
It’s a form of direct and non violent action. It’s a pacific movement that took its name from Green Guerrillas, who, in the United States during the 70’s, started the non-authorized cultivation (and for that, illegal) of abandoned areas.